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Topics of Master Thesis prepared in cooperation with II PAS - ERCE


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Andrzejewska Anna Bioaccumulation of phosphorus, lead and cooper by plants in Ner River Valley.
Kwiatkowska Katarzyna The comparison of the dynamic of phosphorus and organic matter in bottom sediments of mountains and lowland dam reservoirs.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Michalak Łukasz The ability of phosphorus accumulation by selected species of Salix sp. in natural and experimental conditions.
Rogalewicz Marta The application of Salix viminalis in fitoremediation of contaminated river valleys.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Ligocka Ilona Parameters shaping the nutrient balance in Sulejow Reservoir.
Małecka Agnieszka The effectiveness of Biosept speciment and allelopathic influence in limitation of cyanobacteril blooms occurrence.
Mrówczyński Jarosław The application of fluorescence as the early warning system in case of cyanobacterial bloom occurrence.
Puczyńska Iwona Biological diversity of bottom fauna and her role in shaping of nutrient router in Sulejow Reservoir.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Piotr Koperski The application of energetic willow and native species for recultivation of degraded environment in the area of Poslubie.
Emilia Lewandowska Determination of Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) influence on phytoplankton and zooplankton of Sulejow Reservoir.
Aleksandra Skowron Phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions in trophic structure of Sulejow Reservoir: does pressure of zooplankton limit cyanobacterial bloom, does bloom limits the zooplankton pressure?
Magdalena Urbaniak The application of mcyABCDEFGHIJ gene cluster in early warning system against toxic cyanobacterial strains.
Grażyna Wieteska Parameters influencing filtrating zooplankton dynamic in Sulejow Reservoir – simulation of mathematic DALIS model (Daphnia sp. – Leptodora kindtii Interactions Simulation).


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Błędzka Dorota Influence of diversity of plant complexes in different stadium of ecosystem succession on nutrient dynamics in Pilica floodplain area.
Chęcińska Renata The role of bottom sediments in algae complexes succession.
Flisiak Łukasz The usage of dam reservoir sediments for fertilizing of energetic willow.
Klonowski Mateusz The usage of Salix viminalis variants for utilization of sewage sediments of selected complexes in the Area of Limited Use of GOŚ ŁAM.
Kosiński Krzysztof The determination of nutrient accumulation (N, P) by mycorrhiza plants of Pilica flood plain complexes during vegetation seasons 2005-2006.
Ochocki Sebastian Spatial differentiation of organic matter deposition in sediments of Sulejow Reservoir.
Pawlicki Bogusław Determination of chemical composition, doses and usefulness of bottom sediments from Sulejow Reservoir used for fertilization.
Włodarczyk Joanna Hydrology as the parameter modeling plant complexes on degraded peat-bog near Goślubie.
Anna Sieczko Influence of external and internal nitrogen supply on the phytoplankton biomass dynamics in Sulejow Reservoir.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Drzewińska Katarzyna Polichlorinated buphenyls (PCBs) in Ner River sediments and their accumulation in bottom layer organisms.
Lewandowski Jakub Influence of chemical parameters on seasonal changes in microcystins concentration in hypertrophic lakes.
Lisicka Aleksandra Dynamics of ground waters and soil metabolic processes in different types of plant complexes on Pilica River flood plain.
Miazek Seweryn Comparison of the influence of planktonic and benthic filtrates on nutrient dynamics and phytoplankton succession.
Mikuła Błażej Seasonal changes of sedimentation rates and chosen physic-chemical parameters of sediments in Sulejow Reservoir.
Niewiadomska Joanna Interpopulation genetic differences of perch, Perca fluviatilis L., in selected water bodies of the Central Poland.
Szczepańska Aneta Dynamic of cyanobacterial blooms in selected water bodies in Lodz.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Cichoń Magdalena Identification of point source contaminants in Sokołówka River valley based on the nitrates concentration and E. coli determination.
Gągała Ilona Presence of toxigenic cyanobacterial strains in hypertrophic lakes of Wielkopolska Region.
Godowska Maja Application of nucleic acids as the indicator in analysis of ecohydrological processes.
Kowalska Katarzyna Variation in cyanobacteria toxicity in selected water bodies of Wielkopolska and Lodz,
Kubasiewicz Edyta Influence of socioeconomical parameters on landscape structure and water quality of Grabia watershed.
Naglewicz Damian Influence of Zebra Mussel on succession of phytoplankton complexes – field experiment.
Nowacki Łukasz The application of ecosystem biotechnologies in protection and recultivation of water resources.
Olejniczak Maciej Influence of ground water level dynamics on differentiation and stability of plant complexes in Sokołówka River Valley.
Przybylak Michał Influence of hydrological processes on sedimentation in sediment ponds cascade on Sokołówka River.
Tomczyk Karolina Wermicompost of sewage sediments to obtain higher biomass of Salix viminalis on experimental plantation of energetic willow in the area of limited use of GOŚ ŁAM.
Wojtyra Bartłomiej Application of direct toxicity tests and soil activity studies for soil quality assessments from areas recultivated by willows.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Macherzyński Adam Identification of critical points („red points”) in supply of Pilica and Sulejow Reservoir by nutrients from the indirect catchment for the elaboration of strategy for limitation of their eutrophication.
Marchewka Malwina Application of denitrification walls for nutrient contaminant reduction – comparative analysis of different carbon sources.
Mierzejewska Joanna Determination of influence of land cover in sub catchments of Pilica river watershed on the quality of water, based on the GIS technique and CORINE data base.
Olczak Andrzej Influence of invasive species, Zebra Mussel, on the dynamics of eutrophication symptoms in water ecosystems.
Osiecki Radosław Influence of nanoparticles on the condition of water and terrestrial organisms in the aspect of ecotoxicological research.
Romaniuk Grzegorz Causes and consequences of eutrophication of Stawy Stefańskiego Pond in Lodz.



Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Kamińska Maria Elaboration of geotextile, biodegadable filters for recultivation of phosphorus pollution.
Kłosiński Maciej Dynamics of nutrients allocation – ground waters versus vegetation of the Pilica river floodplain.
Krzewiniak Anna Application of geofibres for intensification of denitrification process in order to reduce nitrogen pollutions.
Nawrotem Maciej Eutrophication symptoms analysis in Sulejow reservoir.
Stuleblak Aldona The estimation of the influence of character of ecotone zone of the Pilica river tributaries on the water quality on the basis of teledetection methods and GIS technologies.
Włodarczyk Renata

Drivers and pressures of city water resources -developing risk-based decision support system for implementation of ecohydrological approach.

Wnuk Agnieszka

The water quality evaluation of the "Arturowek" reservoirs and the Bzura river for their ecohydrological recultivation.



Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Dawidowicz Kamil Impact of small impoundments on ecological processes in small lowland rivers.
Grzyb Anna Green areas in the city space structure as a key factor for inhabitants’ health.
Olempska Joanna The influence of the Pilica river valley’s management on water quality in the river. 
Pańka Anna Lagoon exploitation as a chance for increasing the sledge utilization as fertilizer.
Rucińska Aleksandra Recognition of nutrients transport dynamics along the Pilica river and identification of  point source pollutions in its catchment for elaboration of  a strategy against eutrophication and degradation of water resources.
Sodol Artur

Evaluation of groundwater quality in Sulejow reservoir direct catchmentn and capabilities of its improvement by use of riparian ecotones.

Sosnowska Agnieszka Exploiting the potential of the Sokołówka’s valley for improving environmental quality and people-friendly space creatures.
Szklarek Sebastian

Elaboration of geotextile, biodegradable filters for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution from water ecosystems.

Ulężałka Sylwia

Anlysis of the Bzura River and Arturowek reservoirs water quality threats for ecohydrological rehabilitation.

Zasępa Małgorzata

Urban gardens in the Lodz Blue-Green Network – a model of the influence of social and economic behaviour of residents on the land use and its impact on environment quality.



Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Hoffman Magdalena The use of biodegradable chemically active mineral for removal of phosphorus compounds from urban areas and agricultural catchments.
Ograbek Katarzyna The water quality of Urban rivers in the light of Leeds and possibilities of implementing innovative ecohydrological solutions – the Lodz City case study.
Piestrzeniewicz Natalia The role of small retention in shaping the ecological status of small rivers.
Posmyk Katarzyna Assess the impact of substrate-enriched soil of sewage sludge to intensify the production of biomass energy using the analysis of the enzymatic activity of soil microorganisms.
Rejmonczyk Edyta Elaboration of monitoring system for cylindrospermopsin-producing cyanobacteria in lakes of the Wielkopolska region.
Rutka Ewelina

The influence of cyanobacterial toxins on the antioxidant enzymes activities of filter-feeder zooplankton species and zebra mussels.

Sobczak Edyta The use of biodegradable geotextile layers to reduce nitrogen in agricultural areas.
Szcześniak Daria

Identification of surface water quality and level of anthropogenic pressure in the catchment of Pilica River according to the principles of the concept of ecohydrology and using GIS methods.

Widłak Radosław

Potential of buffer zones in reducing agricultural lands contaminations.


Stationary studies of
environmental protection
Jaskulska Aleksandra

Wpływ cyjanofagów na dynamikę występowania sinic produkujących mikrocystyny. The impact of cyanophages on the dynamics of occurrence of microcystin producing cyanobacteria.

Justyna Seklecka Charakterystyka złóż denitryfikacyjnych pod kątem aktywności mikrobiologicznej. Characteristics of denitrifying microbial activity in denitrification wall.
Mariusz Jaros Ocena efektywności różnych typologicznie stref buforowych w redukcji zanieczyszczeń obszarowych z terenów rolniczych.
Mariusz Szewczyk Mobilność wybranych mikrozanieczyszczeń w glebie niskiej klasy bonitacyjnej  jako efekt aplikacji osadu ściekowego oraz mieszaniny osadu i wapnia.
Kamil Lont Pierwsza próba oceny wydajności sekwencyjnego systemu sedymentacyjno-biofiltracyjnego pod kątem optymalizacji akumulacji biogenów z wód opadowych.

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