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  • University Dundee, UK
    Ecotoxycology CYANONET - Prof. G. Codd
  • Leicester University, UK
    Sustainable use of tropical waters, Lake Naivasha Project, Africa - Prof. D. Harper
  • University of Tours, France
    Ecohydrology training - Prof. J.P. Berton
  • Cemagref, France
    AMHEND FRIEND The Balknas Project - Prof. P. Breil
  • University of Algarve, Portugal
    Ecohydrology of costal zones - Prof. L. Chicharo
  • Balaton Limnological Res. Inst., Hangary
    Ecohydrology fr lake and reservoir restoration - Prof. I. Tatrai
  • UFZ Center for Environmental Research, Germany
    Integrated watershed management - Dr M. Rode
  • Inst. of Hydrobiology UAS, Ukraine
    Hydrological processes In reservoir water management - Prof. V. Timchenko
  • Vienna University, Austria
    Application of GIS In ecohydrology - Prof. G. Janauer
    River ecology - Prof. P.E. Schiemer
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology (Laboratory of Genetics) of Alrxander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece
    Fish genetics -  Dr Anastasia Imsiridou


  • Indonesian institute of Science, Indonesia
    Ecohydrology In Asia and Pacyfic - Prof. P.E. Hehanusa
  • Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University, China
    Mechanisms and Early Warning Techniques of Algal Blooms, prof. J. Guo


  • Australia Institute of Marine Science, Australia
    Ecohydrology in sustainable management of costal zones - Prof. E. Wolanski


  • The University of Missisipi
    Hydrodynamic models - Prof. S. Y. Wang
  • University of La Plata, Argentina
    Ecohydrology In Latin America - Prof. M. Gavinio


  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia
    Ecohydrology as a transdysciplinary science for integrated water resources
    and sustainable development in Ethiopia - dyr. Yohannes Zerihun
  • Yeha Natural Resource Management Institute for Easter Africa
    Integrated Biofarm Enterprise i Bioeconomy Association (Biovision)
    Ecofarming - dr Getchew Tikubet Mengistu
  • Organization for Rehabilitaion and Development in Amhara (ORDA)
    Phytotechnology - dyr. Wuletaw Hailemariam Nigussie

  European Regional Centre
for Ecohydrology
of the Polish Academy of Sciences

3, Tylna Str.,
90-364, Lodz, Poland
Phone: (+48) 42 681 70 06
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Fax: (+48) 42 681 30 69

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